“Hello, my name is Anna. I am 10 years old”

“Hello, my name is Lewen. I am 10 years old too.”

“We both coming from Germany.”

Both Anna Klatt and Lewen Chang are two talented kids in music. They both learning piano with Mrs. Nina Apfelbaum and start playing duet since end of 2017. 

Since the duet partnership, they both have won several 1st Prices in various competitions, even with Distinction. 

Not only their outstanding results in duet piano competitions, they are also constantly winning in various competitions as soloist. This year, both kids have won the Steinway Piano Competition 2019 both 2nd and 3rd Prices, as soloist. 

They both like to play Lego in spare time and meet together for duet practicing as well as organizing activities together. At present, they study Chinese in Hanhua Chinese School in Hamburg.


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