Anastasia grew up with music. Anastasia’s grandfather is a pianist in Vakhtangov Theater. For family events from her early childhood, she always was to play a composition on the piano or to learn a song, or to dance. Every kind of performing was very welcome!

Anastasia started music when she was 6. She chose flute as her instrument after the flute concert that she attended. 

During her studying flute, Anastasia participated in Russian and International music competitions. Among them: VII Stockholm International music competition (2019), Adams Flute Factor (final round 2019), International music competition named by U.N. Dilzhikov, Music competition named by G. Gershwin, Ist International music competition “Colors of music”, VI Stockholm International music competition (2017). In many of them she had nominations. 

At Concorso International di Musica EUTERPE 20a edizione (2018) Anastasia together with her brother received Grand Prix in category “musica da camera”

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