Hofer Alexander was born in 1.12.2011 in Linz, in Austria. He fluently speaks two languages: German and Russian.  He is studying at the elementary school N6 (Römerbergschule) in Linz, 2 „a“ grade. He is interested also in sports, especially ice hockey, and music.

He began to take a practical piano lessons at the age of 6 by        Mag. Rita Kroiter. In seven month, in 2018, he participated  in the International Piano Competition „Citta di San Dona die Piave“ in San Dona di Piave, Italy and took second prize there.

After one year in 2019, he took part in this competition again and won the second prize in Prime Note category. This first performances on the stage inspired him to continue to practice playing the piano. His favorite composers are Bach, Mozart and Chopin and recently he learned a new for him direction  in music - Jazz and was happy to play this music on the 4 International Feurich Pianocompetition where he got 1st place in the special category Elena Cobb-Preis. Alexander is making already plans for the future to study music in gymnasium.

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