Yaryna Nebesna is an 8 years old violinist from Kyiv, Ukraine. Since an early age Yaryna was interested in music, sang and played on sopilka (a national Ukrainian instrument) in the children's folk ensemble “Pravychka”. Her first serious recital on the TV took place when she was only 4 years old.

Yaryna has learned to play violin for the last 3 years. She attends the Kyiv children music school #20 in the class of the violin teacher Mariana Hrabovska. As a violist Yaryna participated in numerous concerts. In 2018 the most important event was participation in Ukrainian competition Music Olympiad Voice of country. Yaryna won 1st place in her category and played together with the chamber orchestra Kyiv Kamerata.

Yaryna’s favorite composers are Vivaldi and Paganini. She dreams to improve her technique and to play Vivaldi’s 4 seasons and Paganini’s caprices. Yaryna is very happy to participate in the International Stage4Kids festival and hopes to find new friends who like music as much as she does.

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