Vanessa Han and Yibo Jiang are two talented musical children. They are studying piano with Marina Dethlefsen in Kiel. Since 2017, the two have been playing together. As a duo, they have already received several prizes, of which the 1st prize of the Youth Music Competition Schleswig-Holstein. Vanessa was born in 2006 in Germany.

At five years old, she started learning piano in Shanghai. She is a winner of various regional competitions in Germany. Yibo was born in China on May 2006 and started piano lessons at the age of six. She is also the winner of various regional competitions in Germany. Vanessa and Yibo have many similarities. They both visited the same riding school and now visit the same dance school in Kropp for hiphop.



  • Vanessa Han
  • Yibo Jiang

Leitung: Marina Dethlefsen


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