Torje Gunvaldsen Råbu is 12 years old, and comes from Oslo, Norway. He started to play violin with teacher Mari Lerseth when he was six, and became part of the neighbourhood string orchestra Nordberg Strykeorkester, where he is now the concertmaster.

When he was 10 years old, he started at “Musikk på Majorstuen”, a public school program adapted to children with interest and talent for classical music. He then got Victoria Johnson as violin teacher in addition to Mari.

Torje is part of the talent program for young musicians at Barratt Due Institute of Music, where he also plays in the orchestra Juniorensemblet. Torje enjoys playing chamber music, and plays regularly with Duo2 and Quartet Saphir.

Quartet Saphir is part of the Young Quartet Series in Oslo Quartet Series. In 2018 Torje received the Ånun Lund Rej memorial prize for creativity in music. In 2018, Torje took part in the project “Ung Filharmoni” [Young Philharmonics], where young people play alongside the Oslo Philharmonic.

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