The violin ensemble “Silver Strings” was founded in the spring of 2018 with the aim to participate in a National chamber music festival. The girls have enjoyed the experience very much and since then the group is giving concerts frequently all around Latvia with different repertoire, from classics to popular music arrangements.

“Silver Strings” is gladly sharing musical joy with different audiences – in concert halls, churches, museums, and nursing homes. All the members are students of Karlīna Īvāne at her private violin and viola studio “Vijolīte” in Salaspils, Latvia.

Members of the ensemble are Paulīna Vališevska (7 years old), Hetere Noela Rūtiņa (9 years old), Ieva Insberga (9 years old), Ieva Millere (9 years old), Beatrise Masteiko (10 years old), Madara Kauliņa (10 years old), Amanda Patjanko (12 years old) and Tīna Pauriņa (12 years old).

The girls have vast and differing interests, from sports, dancing and painting to science and literature, but all of them love playing violin in the ensemble very much, because of their great friendship and fun of performing beautiful music together.


Mitglieder der Silver Strings

  • Madara Kauliņa
  • Beatrise Masteiko
  • Ieva Insberga
  • Ieva Millere
  • Tīna Pauriņa
  • Amanda Patjanko
  • Paulīna Vališevska
  • Hetere Noela Rūtiņa

Leitung: Karlīna Īvāne


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