“My name is Lewen Chang and I’m 9 years old who currently living in Hamburg, Germany. I started my private piano lessons at 5 years old with Mrs. Nina Apfelbaum until today.

Starting from 6 years old, I have been constantly participated various piano competitions, performances and have been awarded with 1st Price with Distinction, like “Bergedorfer Jugend-musikanten Wettstreit”, “Hamburger Instrumental Wettbewerb”, Wettbewerbe "Jugend musiziert" (25 points), Stage4Kids year 2017 & 2018, and many others. I was also the only 8 years old solo finalist at category B in the Steinway Piano Competition 2017.

Starting from the end of last year, I’ve started a piano duet with my partner Anna and we enjoy so much sharing fun of music in every piano duet performances, lessons and practicing.

Besides music and singing,  I spend a lot of time painting, as well as constructing all kinds of building, spaceships, landscapes, machines and other features.”

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