Duo2 comprises Torje Gunvaldsen Råbu (violin) and Owen Sørbye Davis (cello), both 12 years old. Torje and Owen started to play in the neighbourhood’s string orchestra Nordberg Strykeorkester.

They have played chamber music together for about three years, with violinist Mari Lerseth as their mentor. At ten, they started at “Musikk på Majorstuen”, a public school program adapted to children with interest and talent for classical music. Torje and Owen also play in Juniorensemblet, an orchestra at Barratt Due Institute of Music. Duo2 has performed at several events in Oslo, among them in Oslo City Hall and at the Nobel Peace Centre.


Mitglieder der Duo2:

  • Owen Sørbye Davis
  • Torje Gunvaldsen Råbu

Leitung: Mari Lerseth


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