Milo was born on the 5th of January 2008 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After hearing Vivaldi’s four seasons, her passion for the violin was a fact. When she asked her parents for a violin, unfortunately she got a piano. After two years, her parents were convinced that what she really wanted was the violin.


In October 2015 she started with her first violin lessons in Ibiza, with Santi Buffi. She lived there with her parents for 2 years. Apart from the violin lessons, she also attended flamencodance lessons.

Back in Amsterdam in 2016, she continued her violin lessons with her current teacher Hans Scheepers, violin pedagogue in Amsterdam.


She also participates in the excellence programme of the Music school Amsterdam. There she follows ensemble lessons, theory and she participates in stage performances of the excellence programme.

Up to now she plays the violin for approximately two years and three months.


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