Lewen Chang is 8 years old, was born in Germany. He likes singing and listening to music almost every day. He started his real private piano lessons at five years old with his piano teacher Mrs. Nina Apfelbaum in Hamburg.


Lewen has been constantly attending to various piano competitions and performances. Till now, he has been awarded:


  • Gold Metal of Ostern Klassik in 2016, being the youngest participant
  • 1st Price in 2016 Bergedorfer Jugendmusikanten-Wettstreit
  • 1st Price with Distinction in 2016 Hamburger Instrumental Wettbewerb. - 1st Price with Distinction in 2017 Wettbewerbe "Jugend musiziert"
  • 1st Price with Distinction in 2017 Hamburger Instrumental Wettbewerb.
  • Being the only 8 years old solo finalist at category B in the Steinway Piano Competition 2017 has been awarded a scholarship from “die Oscar und Vera Ritter- Stiftung”.


Besides music, Lewen is a very architectural child spending a lot of time constructing all kinds of building, spaceships, landscapes, etc.


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