Artem was born in the small Russian town of Ivanovo in 2007. From an early age he listened to classical music with enthusiasm. In 6 years, Artem began studying singing, piano and he also played violin a little. The following year, he chose the violin, although he continued his piano studies. In September 2015, Artem changed the music school and his new teacher Molkova Galina started supervising him. In February 2016 he participated in the national competition of S. I. Yampolsky in Ivanovo and won of the 1st prize in the group of his age. In November 2016 in the group 10-12 years he won of the 1st prize in the national contest "Merzlyakovka invites friends", Moscow.


In 2017 he also got the 1st degree in the regional competition of Basner in Yaroslavl, Grand Prix at the Russian competition of chamber ensembles and the 1st prize at the first International music competition for young performers "Vyatskoe" in Yaroslavl.


In November 2017 Artem took part in the concerts of the Philharmonic and played for the first time with an orchestra.


Besides music Artem likes reading, swimming, basketball and table hockey.


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