"My name is Louisa Sophia and I'm 11 years old. With the piano I have at the age of 5 years at Ludmilla Botchkosvka started. Since 2015, I get even lessons with professor Yuliya Botchkovskaia. Music competitions I take since I was 6. Part on a regular basis. At the "Hamburger instrumental competition" I have every year since 2010, a 1. Prize with distinction, achieved when Bergedorf musicians-competition. Also at the Steinway piano competition and I participated in a 2. Prize. In July 2016, I was on the 1st international for I-piano competition in Vienna and also took part in a 1. Prize reached and invitations to festivals in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. In the context of the concert programmes "Classical music for children" and "Stage4Kids" I'm in concerts in Johannes Brahms conservatory, Bach-Hall of the Michaeliskirche and Laeiszhalle occurred. I have also several times at the conclusion of the concerts of the ltm-competition in the laeiszhalle played and that was for me a very great honour. Right now I am preparing myself on my first solo in Reinbeker castle. I like very much the music of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mendelssohn and Rachmaninoff. Also the music theory is such a pleasure."