Herbert Weissenbaeck and Caroline Mlynarczyk live and study in Vienna. They are taking piano lessons at the private musical school „Spielstatt“ with Elena Tolstykh. Herbert is particularly fond of Jazz piano, practices daily and aims to develop his skills to the master level required to play in front of large, music loving audiences.


Caroline is an aspiring artist whose great dream is to conquer the stages of the world. She loves ballet and also plays the violin.


In September 2014 they began to play in the Duo „Domino“. Herbert and Caroline won the 3rd prize in the “American Protege International Piano and String Competition”. Being awardees, Duo „Domino“ has been honored to perform in Carnegie Hall. In September 2015 Herbert and Caroline were invited to Amsterdam. They performed as guest artists at “Klassiek op 't Amstelveld” festival. Duo “Domino” has performed at several concerts and successfully participated in the Viennese City Contest „Prima la Musica 2014 and 2015“, having been awarded a first prize.